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6 Established Strategies for Discovering Excellent Bargains on eBay

1. Bid on Auctions That Are About to End

When aiming to save money on eBay, steer clear of auctions with ample time remaining. Utilize eBay’s search filters to spot auctions nearing their end.

Start by typing in the desired item. Upon seeing the available auctions, locate the dropdown box labeled Best Match at the top.

Click the box and opt for Time: ending soonest. This displays auctions nearing closure. If you find your sought-after item at a reasonable price, a low bid on a concluding auction stands a better chance of winning. Aim for items with fewer bids as they often come at lower prices.

Avoid bidding early on auctions with ample time left, as this can spur bidding wars and inflate prices. Instead, click Add to Watchlist and monitor the auction. With a minute or less remaining, place a decisive bid.

Submit a final bid just before the timer runs out, securing the item at the lowest possible price and preventing others from escalating the cost.

Though contentious, eBay sniping—timed bidding—is an effective tactic for strategic auction bids.

2. Purchase From Chinese Sellers

This advice suits those comfortable with shipping wait times. While not applicable to all items—like premium electronics such as iPhones or the latest Xbox—it works well for products like flashlights, beauty items, jewelry, or most items mass-produced in China. It’s essential to gauge eBay prices for fair deals.

Chinese sellers often offer items at significantly lower prices than local sellers, with many providing free shipping. However, free shipping might entail longer delivery times, possibly taking a couple of months depending on your location.

To specifically explore products from Chinese sellers, utilize eBay’s Advanced Search feature.

Click on the Advanced link to the right of the search bar. In the Advanced Search menu, navigate to the Location section, select the Located in option, and pick “China” from the dropdown menu.

Once set, input your search query, and all available options will be exclusively from Chinese sellers.

3. Submit a “Best Offer”

eBay’s “Best Offer” feature enables negotiation with sellers. It empowers you to propose a price you consider fair, and the seller can accept, decline, or counter it.

Engage in multiple rounds of negotiation with the seller, suggesting different prices until eBay limits further offers. To make an offer, click the “Make Offer” button provided by sellers who offer this option.

To exclusively view listings with the “Best Offer” feature, access the Advanced Search menu. Under the Show results section, opt for Best Offer. This filters search results to display only items eligible for price negotiation.

Utilizing this feature is particularly advantageous for items that have been listed and relisted on eBay for an extended period. Sellers struggling to sell these items or gradually lowering their prices over time are more likely to entertain your offer.

4. Buy in Bulk

This strategy works wonders for items like video games, CDs, Blu-rays, DVDs, and books, commonly sold in bundles. Purchasing in bulk allows you to secure each item at a significantly lower cost compared to buying them separately (just ensure the lot contains something you desire).

Any surplus items from the lot that you don’t require can be resold on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. This method enables you to acquire your desired item at a reduced price, for free, or even turn a profit.

To locate items sold in bundles, navigate to the Advanced Search menu. Within this menu, find the section labeled Show results and select the Items listed as lots option. Subsequently, all your searches will exclusively display items offered in bundles of two or more.

5. Find Misspelled Auctions

Finding auctions with typos in their titles is an excellent way to spot deals as these listings often get fewer bids due to reduced visibility in searches. This can be an advantageous opportunity to secure items at a lower price.

Identifying auctions with typos is straightforward, thanks to specialized tools like TypoHound and BargainChecker. These platforms allow users to enter a search item, and in return, display all the listings where the seller mistakenly included a typo in the title.

6. Look for Auctions That End at Weird Times

Another strategy to discover great deals on eBay is by seeking auctions that conclude at unconventional times. Typically, bidding activity heightens towards the end of an auction, causing prices to escalate during the final minutes.

Auctions ending during off-peak hours, like 3 am, experience lower bidding fervor. Though it may require staying up late or setting an alarm to place a bid, the potential savings could make the effort worthwhile.

Shopping Smart on eBay

There are many ways to find great deals when using everyone’s favorite online auction platform. Take advantage of eBay’s Advanced Search tips to locate these deals. Once you master these methods, you’ll understand why so many people use eBay to make most of their online purchases.

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