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What do Amazon Lightning Deals entail and how can you locate them?

For Amazon shoppers who haven’t explored Lightning Deals, you’re overlooking one of the site’s most fantastic and exciting avenues to save money.

Lightning Deals emerge as time-limited promotions on a wide array of products throughout Amazon’s stores, spanning fashion, bedding, tech, and more, offering significant savings. Although available year-round, these deals become particularly appealing during peak seasons like the holidays or significant events such as Amazon Prime Day and Prime Big Deal Days. (Quick note: Prime membership consistently provides exclusive deals, free delivery, prescription savings, and premium entertainment, enhancing its value.)

Here’s a comprehensive guide to Lightning Deals that’ll assist you in maximizing your savings.

What are Amazon Lightning Deals?

Lightning Deals represent fleeting discounts that might endure for only a few hours. Furthermore, the available quantity for each deal remains restricted, and once sold out, the deal concludes, irrespective of the remaining time. Given the substantial discounts, purchases are often limited to just one item. When adding an item to your cart, swift action is necessary—there’s a 15-minute window to finalize your order and complete the checkout process. Delaying beyond this timeframe results in the automatic removal of the Lightning Deal from your cart.

How to find Lightning Deals

To easily locate active Lightning Deals, access the Today’s Deals page from the list of shortcuts atop the Amazon home page via a web browser. Navigate to the Deal Type section on the left side and select Lightning deal.

On the Amazon mobile app, tap the three-line menu at the screen’s bottom, then choose Deals & Savings. Proceed to Today’s Deals and select Filters. Within the Shop deals by deal type section, tap Lightning deal.

This area serves as the hub for Lightning Deals, displaying ongoing offers alongside discount banners. For deals with dwindling inventory, a fuel gauge may indicate the percentage claimed.

To delve further, click on a product of interest. Within the Lightning Deal box, details such as the percentage claimed, deal price, and discount should be visible.

Lightning deals and Prime membership

If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you can still benefit from Lightning Deals for most of the year without membership restrictions. However, Prime members enjoy an added advantage: they gain access to upcoming Lightning Deals before they commence, allowing them to prepare and secure a great deal ahead of potential sell-outs. During events like Prime Day, membership is necessary for Prime members to claim Lightning Deals (or access any other deal).

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