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Uncover Exclusive Offers Using eBay’s Advanced Search Feature

eBay’s advanced search tool enables users to personalize their site exploration, refining searches by product, keywords, timeframes, and even the quantity of received bids.

To zero in on specific bargains, eBay users can access the “Advanced” option situated to the right of the “Search” button on the eBay home page. Upon clicking, visit the Advanced Search section, where you can input your desired product or keyword in the top box. Then, scroll down to access a range of special tools provided by Advanced Search.

eBay Listings Ending Within One Hour

On eBay, most auction-format listings typically reach reasonable market values, especially for commonly sought-after products. However, occasionally, certain listings don’t attract many bids, despite their expected market value.

This situation might arise due to subpar photos, a short listing duration, minor misspellings in the title, or misidentification of the product. If you’re interested in a product that’s about to end with minimal or no bids, you’d likely want to be notified, maybe even employ a sniping strategy—entering a last-moment offer in a timed auction.

In eBay’s Advanced Search, navigate to the “Show results” section and select the option to search for listings ending within a specified time frame. Choose the one-hour window, providing listings close to their final value if no bids are placed.

Identify listings with few or no bids, or those considerably undervalued, and place your bid strategically. This approach might secure the item for a fraction of its market value.

Search by Number of Bids

The Advanced search options enable users to search for listings with specific bid counts. For instance, users can search for listings having zero to one bid, uncovering items that have attracted minimal attention from shoppers, for various reasons.

For an enhanced deal-finding approach, combine the bid count search with the ending within an hour filter. This combination reveals listings that have received limited attention and are nearing their end. This dual strategy allows users to spot items with low activity that are also about to conclude.

Advance Search for Sale Items

eBay provides sellers with the option to designate fixed-price items as “sale” items for promotional purposes. However, some sellers use this feature to display apparent discounts without significantly reducing their prices. Essentially, the labeled “discount” might just reflect the market price.

Yet, there are sellers who genuinely lower prices to encourage purchases or clear overstock or seasonal goods.

To uncover potentially great deals, utilize the “Sale items” filter when conducting a search. This filter allows you to specifically explore items matching your keywords that have been temporarily discounted by sellers. It’s worth noting that these discounts can sometimes lead to excellent prices.

Best Offer

Using the “Best offer” checkbox within the Advanced Search tool is a proven method to locate eBay items where sellers accept offers. This tactic helps target specific items that are open to negotiation, rather than relying on eBay’s general search.

Here’s how it works: In the Advanced Search, select the “Best offer” checkbox to narrow down your search. Once you’ve identified potential items, focus on sellers with excellent feedback and relatively competitive prices. Then, consider making an offer that’s around 5% to 10% less than their listed price—typically, this approach leads to successful deals.

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