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About Us

We are a Marketplace for ecommerce developers
Our first developer uploaded his work in August 2012
We strive for fairness, quality and affordability
We believe ecommerce community is awesome


Our Story


First of all shopping-cart-hub is a marketplace for developers by developers. Here You can Buy and Sell your work , may it be a Shopping Cart Theme, Template or a Shopping Cart Module for a healthy commission and a good source of income. We are working for you keeping you in the forefront to be able to meet all your Shopping Cart needs. And by paying our Authors their fair share, we make it affordable for others to upgrade their Shopping Carts to professional looking and amazing websites.



Our goal is to gather the best creative designers and developers that the ecommerce community has to offer and be the first choice for small businesses or individuals who are looking to get their own online shopping cart, or for contractors or webmasters who design ecommerce websites for their clients and of course to provide designers with a platform and venue to showcase their work .



We fully understand that if you have developed a module for a particular Shopping Cart, there is going to be only one of its kind and you will want to sell it at as many places as you can to make the most of it. So, we here at Shopping Cart Hub have incorporated it in our Marketplace where both exclusive and non exclusive Authors/Sellers get the same rate per item sale. So you can sell your items where ever else you want to.



Meet the Founder


FounderShopping Cart Hub was founded in July 2012 by Sumit Kaushal - a professional Chef for 13 years, who has worked in two continents and 10 cities. It won't be wrong to say the only Chef in the world who knows a thing or two about programming smiley. An Ecommerce enthusiast who wasted a lot of time trying to make a few ecommerce websites on his own to sell his yummy cakes and got frustrated as didn't find the right resources also was tight on budget. That's how Shopping Cart Hub came about - to develop a marketplace and a hub with all the resources for budding entrepreneurs which also is fair and that the people who do the hard work designing incredible work get their due, as the big boys with marketplaces were taking a BIG chunk out from the developers (which didn't feel right ). I am sure all of you must be thinking " A Chef !! He should have made a recipes site or something??!!, howcome a marketplace for ecommerce goodies !!" Well, I love challanges and it just felt right to push myself for this one, to bring the creative talent together and make it affordable for the rest. If anyone fancies a great 5* meal in London though, do get in touch :)





How can you help


We made Shopping Cart hub dedicated to Ecommerce developers community, so they get their fair share. Help us spread the word, blog us, email your friends, tell your fellow ecommerce enthusiast, and don't forget to be our friends on social networks. 

And you can make the big difference by joining us, sharing our passion and making it a real Shopping Cart Hub, the only dedicated marketplace for the whole ecommerce community.


Buy, Sell, Enjoy !


and Thanks for taking the time to read until here :)