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Affiliate Program


We have got one of the best Affiliate programs, it’s easy to join and great for making some extra dough, or a regular income.


Refer new users to and you’ll receive 30% of their first purchase or cash deposit! We have a built in affiliate program, so every user automatically has a referral code. Simply paste a link or image button on your site using that code. If a new user clicks your referrer link and proceeds to sign up an account and purchase an item or deposit money via our marketplace, you will receive 30% of their first cash deposit or purchase price. So if they deposit $50 into their account, you get $15 and if they buy an item worth $100, you’ll get $30!


How it Works



          -  shopping-cart-hub uses cookies to track people who have clicked on your link, so they need to have cookies enable in their browser.

          -  If a person clears their cookies -- we can’t track them anymore.

          -  If a person clicks on your referral link and then later clicks on someone else’s, yours is the one that counts

          -  If a person clicks a link, they have three months before the cookie expires. If they sign-up and purchase in that three months,

             then you earn the commission

          -  Commissions appear in your balance just like items' sales.



Examples of what is not allowed:


          -  Using an invisible iFrame to insert cookies.

          -  Using "display:none" on web pages with your link.

          -  Linking from our marketplace to itself in order to gain referrals.

          -  You must not use "email blasts", "mass profile creations" and any other software that massively spams the web with your affiliate link.

          -  You must not offer incentives to buyers (example: "sign up for, deposit $100 and I will send you $20).


Your Referral links:

Remember to replace "username" with your own actual username on our marketplace!


You can refer to nearly any page on our marketplace, so you can maximize the returns.


Example of a Referral Link Pointing To An Item:

Remember to replace "username" with your own actual username on our marketplace! 



Affliate Banners



General Banners:


Right click and save image as, to download the banner


Button (125x125)                                                  Size: 180x100                                                                           




Size: 260x120 




Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)  




Size: 480x60   




Leaderboard (728 x 90)





Banners for sellers who have approved and active items for sale on our Marketplace:


Button (125x125)                                                                         Size: 180x100




Size: 260x120  




Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)




Size: 480x60




Leaderboard (728 x 90)






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