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Bargain-Hunting Shoppers Wait for Better Deals, Raising Concerns About Earnings on Black Friday

Black Friday sales indicate that American consumers are being cautious with their spending, waiting for more significant discounts. This cautious approach sets the stage for a restrained holiday shopping season for retailers and potentially underwhelming earnings in the upcoming months. Consumer spending hasn’t maintained the same momentum witnessed in recent years, marked by post-pandemic splurges […]

Even with weeks of ongoing sales, shoppers are still banking on Black Friday for the ultimate deals

As the holiday shopping season ramps up, consumers are enthusiastically purchasing Squishmallows, Barbies, Legos, headphones, and sweaters. It seems the frenzy of deal-hunting mobs and the pre-dawn queues from Black Fridays of yore have become fading memories, yet millions of Americans still made their way to malls and big box stores in pursuit of bargains. […]

Launching an E-Commerce Business in 2023: A Detailed Blueprint

An online retail business vends products, services, and transactions conducted over the internet. Initiating an e-commerce venture parallels starting any other company: drafting a business plan, securing licenses and permits, and establishing separate financial accounts. Additionally, selecting an e-commerce website builder, procuring products, and targeting online clientele are essential steps in this process. Adhere to […]

Record-breaking shopper turnout marks the Black Friday weekend as consumers hunt for deals

Shoppers initiated the holiday season with a bang, with a record-breaking 200.4 million individuals hitting stores and scouring websites for gifts from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday, according to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation. This turnout stands as an all-time high since the inception of tracking in-store and online traffic by the […]

Is it About Time to Ditch the Queue for Christmas Shopping?

Having patience is admirable, yet enduring lines can test anyone’s resolve. According to emarketer.com, about 60% of shoppers find lengthy checkout queues to be a frustrating part of their service encounters. Shockingly, we devote approximately six months of our lives waiting in lines, time we can’t afford to squander in today’s fast-paced world. Some have […]

The beneficiaries and disadvantaged of Black Friday 2023

Winners Mobile and online This holiday season, for the first time, mobile shopping is poised to surpass desktop purchases, as projected by Adobe Analytics. More than half of all online expenditure (51.2%) is anticipated to occur through mobile devices. According to Adobe Analytics, smartphones accounted for $5.3 billion in total online sales on Black Friday, […]